Field Museum


Field Museum

Project Duration

1 month

My Role

UX/UI Design
Art Direction


Five unique quiz driven face filters created in support of the Field Museum’s exhibit Fantastic Bug Encounters.




Subject Research




3D Animation
Sound Effects




Powered by Google's machine learning, we used DialogFlow to create the quizzes that would determine the type of bug they were most similar to.



Creating a set of filters for each quiz result that would convey the idea that each result was completely different from the next, required us to dive into the attributes that made each of these bugs unique.


• Lives in groups (big family of 30,000+)

• Swarms together to attack

• Striped, winged

• Can handle the heat up to 117 degrees

• Uses heat to defeat a dangerous enemy

• Nests in hollow trees and cavernous places

• Flower lover

Orchid Mantis

• Ambush predator

• Colorful

• Lives among and looks like flowers

• Masters of camouflage and deception

• Females are 2x bigger than males

• They look like orchids

• They turn pink and white

• UV rays makes an orchid mantis look like a nicer more attractive flower than normal, and this attracts the insects

Jewel Wasp

• Color of a shimmering green and blue

• Zombifies prey

• Performs complex brain surgery

• Mind controls

• Uses venom to make cockroach zombies


• Winged, acrobatic flyers

• Can hover in one place and fly backwards

• Among the fastest flyers at 30 mph

• Some of the most colorful insects

• Lives near water

• Carnivorous

• The head is mostly eyes

• Can lock onto a single target in a swarm of insects and stay on course no matter how their prey moves

Bombardier Beetle

• Winged

• Small in size

• Carnivorous insect

• Has more defense than just armor

• Can shoot a chemical explosion from body like a cannon blast

• Explosive spray can reach 200 degrees (near boiling)

• Defensive spray is made in a special chamber inside their body


Ideation / Moodboards



Through a combination of research, visual, and technical input we were able to pinpoint what would work best for each individual bug filter, allowing us to begin creating a story for each individual experience.

Japanese Honey Bee

Focusing on the Japanese Honey Bee’s ability to swarm in big groups and handle extremely hot temperatures, we designed a filter that not only gave you the appearance of a honey bee surrounded by a swarm of bees, but if joined by another individual the scene would become tinted red (indicating hotter temperature).

Orchid Mantis

The experience for the Orchid Mantis was composed of enlarged purple eyes, antennae, pink colored hair and a transition into a camouflage of orchid flowers after tapping the screen, to mimic the ability of the orchid mantis to blend into the environment.


The dragonfly’s wings and eyes were the main focus of this face filter. Enlarged dragonfly eyes placed over the user’s eyes followed by a raise of a hand as the trigger to bring the wings out.

Jewel Wasp

Playing up the ability of the jewel wasp to hypnotize its prey we gave users large antennae, an iridescent face texture and by raising your eyebrows you’d trigger a hypnosis effect resulting in motion lines coming from the user’s forehead. (Option 2)

Bombardier Beetle

The bombardier beetle has the unique ability to shoot liquid at near boiling temperatures when it feels threatened. The trigger for this filter was the shaking of the head which was followed by a smokey splatter on the screen.


3D Animation

Once the look and feel of each filter was established, we began experimenting with different 3D components. Designing the visual components was also accompanied by some sound design for ambience and trigger effects.



The first set of iterations focused on implementing and testing any components that would be detected by the face tracker. Some of the facial features that we used across most of the filters were antennae and eyes.

Orchid Mantis / Eyes + Antennae

Orchid Mantis / Eyes + Antennae

Dragonfly / Eyes + Wings

Dragonfly / Eyes + Wings

Bombardier Beetle / Eyes + Antennae

Bombardier Beetle / Eyes + Antennae

Honey Bee / Helmet with eyes + Antennae

Honey Bee / Helmet with eyes + Antennae


After testing individual components we brought them all together including backgrounds and sound.