Current Studios


Current Studios

Project Duration

2 months

Website Redesigned

Current Studios

My Role

UX/UI Design


Current Studios’ website was in need of a redesign to better attract their desired client base and match their new brand identity which was defined through the design process as well.

Approach + Deliverables

To begin the redesign, a content audit was conducted to assess all the information that currently lived on both their previous website which was not live as well their current (live) website. Through several iterations, we were able to pinpoint layout and design for several different page styles. The website was built using Prismic as the CMS.

About the Client

Current Studios is an innovative experience design studio with dozens of creative technology awards, including three Cannes Lions. We collaborate with brands and ad agencies to create new interactive experiences, leaving human interaction at the centre of everything we do. For over 20 years, we have been pioneers in multimedia content delivery, creative technology, film productions and digital gaming, breathing life into the creative vision of our partners.


Content Audit

Content audit was conducted on both a previous Squarespace website and the current website that was live. The content needed to be combined, organized and migrated to a CMS that was easy to use for most people in the company. The content audit consisted of body copy, projects within various categories and evaluating content found on the company’s Vimeo.

After compiling all the existing content, they were in need of a solution to organize future content so I created a Google sheet to facilitate doing so in a collaborative manner across multiple departments.

The sheet included two sections:

Website Content / For General Pages

  • Page Title

  • Layout Used (links to layout image for reference)

  • Content such as images

  • Videos for Vimeo links

All Projects / To organize all current and future project pages’ content

  • Project Name

  • Client

  • Category

  • Images

  • Video Links

  • Tags

  • Body Copy

  • Old/Current Site (To differentiate whether the content lived on Squarespace or the live site as there was conflicting copy)

Site Maps

Layout Design

Started the layout design process by collaborating with Current Studios’ art director to pinpoint goals, target audience, etc.

Goals + Audience

Attracting a new client base based on a clean and fun aesthetic while showcasing work in a detailed but concise manner. Due to the variety of projects completed by this studio, we decided that each layout should be somewhat unique to the type of work to best showcase each project. The main categories were A/R, Digital and Production so we started with those in addition to the home page.


Mid-Fidelity Wireframes


Defining the Style

Art Direction by Elena K. / Art Director @ Current Studios

To maintain a consistent style throughout the website and its components, a style guide was created and handed off during the development process. This style guide went through several iterations as well and varied in the mobile layouts.


High Fidelity Wireframes

Home Page / Version 1

About Page / Version 1

Project Page / Ver 1

Project Page / Ver 2

Project Page / Ver 2 / Light Color Scheme

Production / Feature Page

Digital / Feature Page

Project Slider / Thumbnail

Project Slider / On click


Layout Design / Second Iteration

Home Page / Ver 2

Home Page / Ver 2 Alternate

Digital / Feature Page

Production / Feature Page

Augmented Reality / Feature Page

Digital / Project Page

Augmented Reality / Project Page

Production / Project Page

Work / Gallery

Work / Alternate Layout

Condensed Project Page / For smaller projects with little content

Contact Page


Mobile Wireframes