Project Type

Responsive website, feature integration


Founded in March 2018, CoEdition is the first contemporary marketplace dedicated to serving savvy, style-conscious women, sizes 10 & up. CoEdition sells clothes, swimwear, shoes, and intimates from brands like Calvin Klein, Cynthia Rowley, Tahari, Rachel Roy, and City Chic.


Online shoppers always take a risk in ordering clothing online as it may not always fit as you wish or as it is pictured on the model on the product page. The frustration of shopping online is shared by a multitude of individuals that results in countless returns and exchanges.


Providing customers of CoEdition with the most personalized experience that would allow them to order clothes they are confident will fit the way they want them to. Reduce the anxiety and stress that comes with purchasing garments online for CoEdition shoppers.


User Research
Interaction Design
Usability Testing
User Interface Design
Presentation Design

Tools Used

Adobe XD
Paper + Pencil

Project Duration

2 weeks




Screener Survey
User Interviews



Affinity Mapping
User Journey
Feature Prioritization



Design Studio
Lo-Fidelity Wireframes



Hi-Fidelity Wireframes
Clickable Prototype



Usability Testing
Post-Testing Survey



Next Steps



We begun our research by visiting several clothing stores such as H&M, Madewell, Loft, Macy’s, amongst others. While our solution would ultimately be within the digital space, we wanted to find out more about how CoEdition’s target demographic shopped in-person and why they would choose to shop online instead.

We found that:

  • Most plus size sections are located at the far end of the store or near the sale section

  • While stores would advertise on their windows that they offered sizes up to 24 or 26, they did not use plus size mannequins on their outdoor displays

  • Some stores offered very little variety as far as styles and quantities when it came to their plus size section

  • Many chain stores did not provide plus sizes in all of their locations, only a select few of their locations

Loft Plus Size section in the back of the store

Loft Plus Size section in the back of the store

Macy’s Plus Size section

Screener Survey

The screener survey consisted of 8 preliminary questions that would allow us to best select our users for research. We sent our screener survey to current CoEdition shoppers and subscribers of their mailing list. Amongst these users, we had shoppers of different backgrounds and incomes such as writers, graphic designers, nannies, and some that worked in theater. etc.

Following the screener survey, we conducted 7 user interviews via phone and in-person. The ages ranged from 26-51 years old, all past & current customers of CoEdition

During our user interviews

We found that many of the shoppers on CoEdition were excited to finally have a place to frequent for their fashion and clothing needs. They expressed gratitude for having such a platform, but wished that models were shown in a variety of sizes to better picture themselves wearing each garment.


Solving for size and fit

We used affinity mapping to gather insights on CoEdition shopper’s experiences while shopping online for clothing. There were several themes and patterns quickly uncovered as they all had very similar experiences and pain points overall. We found that:

  • Women wearing sizes 10-26 have a hard time finding clothing made specifically for their body types

  • CoEdition shoppers loved the variety of clothing offered on the website

  • Shoppers wished there were model photos depicting different sizes in garment and body


User Journey

We created a user journey for the CoEdition shopper, which illustrates the journey the user goes through while purchasing a new pair of jeans. Through creating this user journey we found several opportunities.

Feature Prioritization


After gathering key insights, we found that CoEdition shoppers were in need of a customized shopping experience and to accomplish that they would need a set of new features to enable that.


Search bar that works
Custom Profile
Product Description
Model Photos Real People
Custom Profile
Color Filter
Size Chart
Pattern Filter
Body Type Filter
Responsive Website


Tailored Search Results
Detailed Model Measurements
Size Guide & Tool
Wish List
Reviews with Photos
Reviews - size/fit/height
Social Integration


Online stylist
Fit Predictor
Curated Collections
Fabric Detail
International Conversion
Detailed brand size chart


3D sizing tool
Video integration
VR Sizing tool



Based on our research we designed a customized user experience beginning with an account creation. This user flow guides the CoEdition shopper through a series of questions regarding their measurements, typical garment sizes, and favorite stores & brands to create a custom shopping experience while browsing through CoEdition.

User Onboarding

We created user onboarding for CoEdition’s shoppers to collect information that would best serve them while shopping online. Some information we suggested they provide was measurements, height, top size, dress size, bottoms size, style preferences and specific parts of their body they’d like to conceal or “show off” along with their favorite stores and brands.


After presenting to our stakeholder

We were prompted to create a more viable solution for our client. Given their current constraints, they’d like to be able to implement a quicker and more concise solution. This solution would incorporate some of the initial features but not dependent on having the user create an account and logging in.


Usability Testing

We conducted one round of user testing using the MVP to gauge whether it would be a useful addition to CoEdition’s website.

Task 1 - Use Body Type Calculator
Task 2 - Locate  Find Your Fit to view collections   in the navigation menu

Survey Post-test

Did you find the website easy to navigate?
Did you find the body type calculator useful?
Did you find the task easy to complete?
Did you enjoy using the feature on the website?

Common Feedback After User Testing



Users enjoyed using the body type calculator and would find it useful to have on a clothing website.



Users weren’t sure what each body type constituted and would like to see more differentiated body types pictured.



Users weren’t sure what each body type constituted and would like to see more differentiated body types pictured.


CoEdition would benefit from offering their shoppers a more customized shopping experience. Many CoEdition shoppers expressed a need for assistance when deciding what size and style of clothing to purchase.

Next Steps

A/B Test body type calculator, track revenue for body type specific collections, and receive feedback from users using body type calculator to gauge success rate and overall customer satisfaction.
further research on body types specific to their target market.


Pitch Deck